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Limited Edition Signed Pulp Deluxe Vinyl

Pulp Deluxe Vinyl (the Director's Cut)

While supplies last, 10% of net proceeds generated from the purchase of the Limited Edition Signed Pulp Deluxe Vinyl shall be donated* to House of the Young Ent -

House of the Young Ent, a New Orleans based production company rooted in the community is working on the ground of those communities impacted by hurricane IDA to provide resources, funding, and support. At times like these, it is CRUCIAL to send resources and support DIRECTLY to trustworthy beings who are connected to the community and people. House of the Young Ent. and director Edward Buckles are currently in production on Katrina Babies, a feature documentary offering an intimate look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the youth of New Orleans. After experiencing hurricane Katrina, we are all too familiar with everything that is and will happen with the survivors of this storm. Our goal is to jump in front of this and make sure that we can be there for our people NOW and LATER once the news cameras have left and no one cares anymore. We thank you in advance for your support and love.

How we will be using funding:

-To support other trustworthy organizations and people on the ground helping in Louisiana. We are natives and know those who are doing the REAL work

-Support for the CHILDREN

-Carefully managing and monitoring the disbursement of funds to those who need it most

-Buying essentials for survivors: food, gas, generators, power outage survival kits, etc.

-Thinking of a plan to support mental health and healing for those impacted by this storm, especially children. Too often, we forget about this part.

*Purchases are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution by consumer/purchaser. Charity participation does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by Universal Music Group or its affiliates.”












  1. ENTERLUDE (feat. Jean Deaux)
  2. free drugs
  3. satisfy
  4. band practice
  5. eternal sunshine (feat. G-Eazy & BJ The Chicago Kid)
  6. jocin’ (innermission)
  7. lost
  8. fubu
  9. light signal
  11. gucci slides (feat. smino)
  12. american beauty
  13. risk it all
  14. plenty (feat. sons of sonix)
  15. slip (feat. beam) [BONUS TRACK]

Limited to 4 per order. 

Please note due to dyeing process each vinyl may vary in pattern.